Who is behind Bio Evolve Lab brand’s objective

In short, Fredo Cylentro is a force of self-improvement—or should we say, a force for wellness and longevity and self-performance.

Fredo applied this extensive set of nutritional knowledge, experience, and skills to stay in great mental and physical health, and at age of 50 he’s still performed like he’s in his 30s and even better than most 25 years old young men.

Fredo’s education and expertise in health, wellness and sport supplements put him into the leadership category and like many entrepreneurs, Fredo views his work as more of a calling and an obligation than an occupation or money maker. In his case, the obligation was one borne of intense devotion and dedication to his legacy.

From professional athlete to Nutraceutical Formulation, Wholesaler and Retailer to a Successful Top Performance Marketer and one of the top bodybuilding professional industry.

Fredo’s zeal for wellness and sport performance pushed him to explore products that improve performance on and off the court. Backed by years of industry research and more importantly personal hands-on experience, he launched a few companies. Bio Evolve Labs Team™, a complete line of vitamins, minerals, herbs, protein powders, nootropics, sports supplement, and many other specialty products that covers everyone’s health, nutrition, and performance needs. The beginning of what sprouted the rest of the phenomenal quality companies to follow. 

We are excited to introduce our Executive Director of Brand leadership and product development, Fredo Cylentro, who is working head-to-head with the formulation engineers and quality controllers’ team at Bio Evolve Labs.

In short, Fredo Cylentro is a force of self-improvement

Fredo applied his extensive of over 30 years set of nutritional knowledge, experience, and skills to stay in great mental and physical health, and at age of 50, he’s still performing like he’s in his 30s and even better than most 25 years old young men.

*We make everything personal for us, from the company’s ideal to the formulation and product development – If we cannot use ourselves, you cannot have it. * – Fredo – 

That is the Moto at Bio Evolve Labs. It is Personal.

Fredo can be reached @xfredo2016

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Industry-First Innovations

With no exception, every formula we produce here at Bio Evolve Lab is engineered and clinically meets the (RDA) recommendations dietary for every ingredient to support optimal and natural benefits to us, and our consumers!... Yes, we take and use every day what we create, in fact we are the first test subjects to our brand’s formulation and birth.

We Care More About the Sports and Wellness Than Profit. What you put in your body is just as important as how your training — and our goal is to support your performance through high-quality, research-based ingredients to formulate the highest potency of the supplemental purity that your body deserves. That is why we make INGREDIENTS the quality *MATTER FACT* of our formulation process.

Our Team

Our team at Bio Evolves Lab comprises of skilled professionals. In addition to this, they consider only customer centric approach while interacting with our valued customers, to precisely cater the demands and needs of our valuable customers in the most effective manner. They are selected by our human resources, after analyzing their skills, knowledge and experience based on predefined selection procedures of the relevant industry. With the help of our highly experienced workforce and engineers, we can fulfill the requirement of our customer’s demands

Our team consists of following professionals:

  • Industry’s Engineers
  • Skilled labors
  • Production managers
  • Quality controllers
  • Sales & marketing experts
  • Warehousing & packaging professionals
  • Our strength is our transparency in work.

Team Of Experts & Research

Team Of Experts

Our team is made up of engineers and technical experts who have experience of making real life products with richness in quality standards. Our experts have hands-on experience of operations and various problems solving skills.

Aim / Vision / Mission

"To provide quality products at affordable prices by considering business ethics and nation's interest."

Points at which we can be your choice:

  • Professional approaches in work
  • In-house product formulation, no private label or third-party formulation
  • Trustworthy environment
  • Full transparency in all kinds of transactions
  • Customers’ involvement in formula development by sharing their experience using our brand' products and services. We listen!
  • On time delivery and best services

Our Ethics & Value

Our Ethics

We encourage probity, openness, faith, loyalty, and a high insignia of ethics in our industry. We compete in our preferred markets vigorously but equitably. Opportunities and increase are awarded on merit, based on track record and distinguished individual standards of sincerity. sustain and follow our privacy policy and keep codes of our customers undisclosed. We consider in fulfilling commitments to customers – and to our employees.

Our Values

We prepare all our orders in just 1 to 7 days depending on order volume.

  • On time delivery
  • Uniform Quality
  • Solid and careful packaging
  • Right equitable prices
  • Continually innovative product analysis
  • In-house testing convenience
  • Effective quality control unit